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WIthin Injuta, the realms begin their strive for dominance. The trust within churches has fallen flat. Trust in those who have any magic has perished. The hunt for the demons that wear human skin has all but caused magic-users to go completely underground.

With the very fabric of human trust fading around them, those magic-users who still practice have found their power to completely waned until they found a focus to project their power through. Hiding this became impossible. No matter how they tried, the energy could always be seen.

When the gods fell, there was a massive fallout. With magic ceasing to be a trusted source, weapons that had magical trace were all but eradicated. with so little magic around, everyone felt safer. no longer would someone die from magic!

The legend does exist, that the end comes, everyone dies, and begins again. But what does that mean? Are those that perish in fire, or that have their corpses burned actually do move on to the path of eternal glory? Does that refer to each person’s spirit? Or to the world as a whole? Or do those who live and breath magic the only ones who the burning of corpses matter for?

Obviously the gods are a farce. The wielder’s of that power are no more, the holy palace of the godhead has become a fortress for the wealthy, and they have built their power on that. They are trapped by the inherent truth that everyone wants what they have, however. striving to keep their hold on what they have is the only thing they have.

Home Page

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